Monday, February 1, 2010

"Sittin Up In My Room"

I member that day
When we first hooked up
I think it was a Friday 
You were too fly
Expensive wine Fine
Your swagg turned up high
Could help but look at you
Smile and say hello
From just friends
We knew that wouldn't last long
Lovers was the intent
Sides I couldn't hold these feelins for too long
From the way
You crepted behind me 
Hugged & kissed me
You always made my day
You made me love you
The right way
You kept it real
I loved our thing being this way
I've always had a thing for you
I only have one concern
When you started drifting away
Actin like you were the only one with a turn
Smart ass remarks
Turned into
Hateful things
Promises turned into
Concrete lies
I'm just amazed
At this
I def couldn't deal wit you
Never wanted to deal wit dis
But then without sayin
How we truly felt
Baby we messed up 
I must confess 
Imma mess
Without you
The only left to do
Is to close my door...

I'm just a mess
With a Love for You—


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