Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Weaves with a 10-27 Piece + 1 Mz. Geisha ;]


Totally stumbled upon this last night and out of all of the videos and instructions I was trying to get to learn from. This was definitely number ONE!!!! I give credit to

for posting this lovely video and MUCH MUCH MUCH L-O-V-E to Mz. Geisha ^_^.

So yep ya girl is tryinto get a quick weave done!!! nothing short coz my hair is already short so that would defeat the purpose. So lol were going to try something better than a WIG and more human than sum synthetic weave ya know???

Also another good one I found is this post: by Brown Sista.

It definitely proves a good point. Because cutting the hair short can be absolute HELL!! I know I got the 'Rihanna Cut' and no it wasn't ugly and but it was cute and manageable then only problem is when that shit grows back. Talk about a ugle materpiece x_x smh!! So now I have this disaster ass hairstyle that I wish would grow out already it'll so be a year in August and my hair is still Super Sport Short -_- damn shame. Butthe worse part reason why most of us sistas have short or fucked up hair we can't did a good hair dresser. Either these ghetto beauticians don't know what they're doing or they wanna be high saddity bourgeois ghetto HIGH PRICED this is not Ciara Mz. Ma'am. Ugh I saw one $65 for 27 piece or quick weave (same damn thing). But if you want it layered chopped and screwed looking nice add another good $50 bucks to that if not more. But what I don't get it's not like they're in the Ritzy Neighborhoods. They inthe sho'nuff ghetto ass hood posted across the street from the main crack house. Damn shame. But my homegirls said she'd hook me so LORD willing I hope this damn snow goes away jus for a little while so I can get out plus I've yet to have my NAILS DID!!!


Aight y'all I'm OUT!! *deuces*

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 lღv


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