Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello? Pick up the phone...

Last night I took a nap and was up for a lil while after the whole groundhog day disaster lol. So I took another nap early this morning after watching my kiddie show (Sid the Science Kid best show ever!!). When I need to get up I set the alarm clock on my phone nothing unsual or strange. So I’m the ice queen, knocked out cold. So my phone is now ringing off the muthafuckin hook. And I woke up once like WTF  and  WHO the FUCK is callin my phone like they done lost their fuckin rabid ass mind?? So I went back to sleep put that shit on vibrate. When I finally woke back up around 12 something, I had 11 MISSED CALLS  and 4 VOICEMAIL MESSAGES—or so I thought. So half of them were from Livermore, California; the rest were unknown or blocked or service numbers (you know 800-000-0000 type shit). Now the lefted messages were only 2 seconds long. Then I got PISSED, how the hell you gonna call my muthafuckin number and not leave a MESSAGE so I can return your “important ass call,” instead of callin me 50 damn times in the row.

So by 2pm and the next 20 calls that came thru, I got livid and said I’mma stop this shit right here RIGHT NOW coz I’ll be damn if you gonna fuck my world up. We get a phone call a lil after 2:30 so I answered. Then I pushed buttons in their ears, actually held the 5 button for a long ass time like EEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s how you stop a dumb ass from callin you push sum got damn numbers in their ears. They’ll stop—trust me they’ll straight up cut that shit OFF. After that call maybe 2 more came through after that. So it was all good ツ.

Now what I wanna know  is, what is up with people not wanting to leave a message. I mean wtf was voicemails and answering services invented and created if people wont leave a fuckin message?? Like what kinda sense does that make?? If what you have to say to me or someone is so damn important why not just tell me in a message and as soon as I can I’ll return your call or as soon as I get the message. It seems so damn retarded to me. That’s like if they created the stop lights if people are going to run right thru them without looking both or all ways just fuckin driving?? THAT’S OUTREGEOUS!!!!! People could get HURT and there could be major damage!! UGH!! Pissed me off soo much today that I had to go internet shopping to calm myself down lmao, got sum good stuff too!! But yall ever had that shit does it piss you off too?? I’m just curious that I’m not trippin or blowin this shit outta proportion ya know??

Eh whatever its 3:18am and its time for Sauni Rue to go to B-E-D I gotta catch the mailman ;D


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