Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February | Last Thoughts on January

Happy February yall!! Isn't this exciting?? The year moving right along. But before I comment on that--LAST MONTH!!

So Goodbye January!! Gonna miss you! See you next year brah! =D However at the beginning of the month I thought it would end--beautifully to say the least but did it?? Hello NO. Between that desperate ass school and crazy people. I don't know who was worse, oh no wait--I do. So January 30th, I wake up late that day with this message saying Oh I like your lil who slogan lmao (who's up, who's not, who's horny, who's hot, who's bored & who wanna talk). But it wasn't the slogan or the comment about the "slogan" that had my mind mentally fortaken and fucked up. It was the person who sent it. Now in my sleepy daze I tried to figure out who this person was. I kept drawing up a BIG ASS BLANK but then--it came to me. It was a MUTHAFUCKIN EX BOYFRIEND -_-. Now as far as men go, I love em, and prolly shouldn't since they think my heart is a >hacky sack<. So he was one of those smooth papi chulo puerto ricans right, one of my faves. But the 7 months I spent with him not only was a mistake actually longer than 7 months, since we were off and on. But the whole relationship was like, was like one of those things thats JUST THERE for the HELL OF IT, ya kno?? I got tired of hearing that I was the *MAIN CHICK* but me and him both knew I wasn't. Coz there were 2 ex-girlfriends, 2 hoes, and a fuck buddy. I'm sorry but if I'm suppose to to be the main meal, the main course, the extra side-orders aren't needed. Becoz I can cover all of that and do it even better when it comes to Loving My Man. Thats how I am. So now I haven't talked to him in over a year if not more. But the question is, what's up with the poppng up randomly. It was like he just fucked up my whole world that day. Likie someone busting your big red noof balloon ya digg?? So basically, January ended on a sour note, but whatever outta sight outta mind for a reason right??

Now on to February *lol*

So like last time I'mma forecast what I plan on or hope on seeing for this month. Did it for January post New Year, Sumtin New , so I'm doing the same thing again and again lol. So for this month, I hope to ONE actually get my ass into gear and start school and stay with it. I know I can I just need that "lil push" you know?? Haha, also another thing I'd like to see is a hook up, and not just becoz St. Valentine's Day is coming....More than that you know. I'd like to have someone to truly care about and not like that family I love you Barney mess. I mean that C-A-R-E that deep L-O-V-E that you know you'll get right back. Eh but thats something to work on right. Also I need to finish up my book I'm going to add about 25 more poems. That makes me happy because I wrote a few good ones that I'd love to include on the love, and def get all the old ones in on it too. Hmm what else??


Got the Michael Jackson's This Is It DVD. I think if he would've lived that would have been the BEST CONCERT he's ever given in his life time!! That movie was just unbelievable!! I mean you got to see the real Michael, the one who loved music and wanted it to be right to be on top of it's game to deliver to his fans just the way the like, just the way they want. Not to mention the new scenes he added just made it even more better, made you wish that Michael had a new CD coming out soon (not like that's not possible though lol). It was beautiful and made me remensce when I was little in LOVE with him and everything he did. He was a true entertainer and def gave the people what they wanted. ^_^ If you haven't seen it yet, I suggesst you buy it from Amazon for $16 or from iTunes for $15 whichever floats your boat.

But thats it for now, I'm going to post some poetry after this post so also be sure to check that out!!

Veggie Valentine

You may not "carrot" all for me
The way I care for you.
You may "turnip" your nose
When I plead with you
But if your "heart" would "beet with mine
Forever "lettuce" hope
There is no reason in the world
Why we two "Cantaloupe."

Author Unknown

As Always!!

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 l<3v


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