Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groundhog Day | A Breakthrough Maybe?


Ok so I started typin this post on my phone….effing BlogPress deleted the two paragraphs I written down. Smdh right?? Anyway on with the show ^_^

So—um lol, here we go.

So last night (January 1 & 2 so we’re not confused) I was up enjoying myself, and decided to watch The Simpsons Movie—twice lol. After that I said I’d do something constructive. And finally buckle down on doing school work. So I got chapter 1 read, all I have to do is finish the chapter review, read chapter 2 and finish that chapter review then Exam. Easy right?? HELL YES!!! So I worked on that until about 6am which is when I went to bed to get up because my mom was expecting a package.
So about 10-something this morning, I was KNOCKED OUT COLD make you wanna call me the ICE QUEEN lol. I’m knocked out right and I hear this BANGING on the door like the popos had come out to pick up my mama AKA MADEA. So I wake up and I go wake her up and she’s like its probably the mailman or something. So I went to go check. I get in my window in my room. And the neighbor says a pipe busted. Now you know I’m still half sleep wondering like WTF -_-….So then I actually look at the  street. And OMG yawl look like a fucking ICE RINK out in that street, so I’m like shit. She the same one who told me she shoveled, and she didn’t. Anyway so I’m like ok I’mma come down and see about it. So I get my clothes on and go outside hella mad one coz I’m sleepy and really wasn’t in the mood -_-.
I go to open the garage door and was having some >TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES< so finally got it open and the whole PIPE had broke off and water was rushing like Niagara Falls. I’m thinkin I gotta turn off the water at the main valve but since I was >flashlightless< I couldn’t. So then I’m like HOLE UP!! There’s a shut off right here. I’m in the basement right, tryin to shut this shit off and realized that since I was so damn fuckin FUN SIZED I couldn’t REACH SHIT!! I’m up on my chuck taylors’ tippy toes to turn it off. I’m like where the hell is my homeboy when I need him to help a sista out?!?!?!?! Lmao. After 5 grueling minutes I got it off so then it was time to break up the Ice Rink….something like the Ramsey Lake of Westminster lol. Then while I’m out breaking up the ice, here comes the mailman and then Ms. Lady from across the street comes out to talk to me. I was telling her that this same thing happened over the summer, but it happened the exact same time last year. Now since I was living somewhere ELSE I ain’t know too much of what was going on. But a plumber fixed all three times. So then here comes Mr. UPS to deliver this package and I’m kinda like:

What’s Bob doing here, it aint Wednesday or at least I don’t think so O_o(?)

It was a package for my mom but not the one she was waiting for, though. So here comes strawberry boo boo stix like OMG OMG OMG what happoned?? O_O?! Pipe busted and he’s like OH. *giggles* OHHH lmao. So I told him I had a letter for him but I left it on the porch and he’s all like:

I’ll go get it, don’t worry. I’ll go get it for you ;).

Im like (damn) oh ok. So he go get it for me, and Ms. Lady was talking about seeing all that ice. I’m tellin yall it was A LOT. So boo boo says that he had the same problem, and told me about it later lol. But after he left *waves arms around* the site I try to go out in the street, and fell on my KNEE—hurts like hell now. But in the end I got most of the shit up and done and GONE. My mama called the plumber to come out and fix the pipe. While he’s fixing it I’m having one of those moments, where I think if you move it’ll turned out better. So while I’m preoccupied with thinkin about that it just kinda came up and HI-FIVED my FACE!!!! Ok so last year I wanted to leave the university location I was at because I wasn’t happy. They didn’t have what I needed my friends were damn near gone all this BS….so I moved. New campus new place new environment new place. But regardless, I was even more unhappier…disgusted and let down even.

So it made me think. All those times my mother was talking and I took it as her bitching and complaining. Finally HI-FIVED my face, and it made me think about what happened over the last year in my life. I jumped outta the pan in the sho’nuff FIRE *pptttsssssssssssss* lol. It caused me more problems then I could stick a shake at. I was stressed mad, had 2 fucked up living situations, GRAY HAIR(!!!) I was sick the whole time could barely eat anything and flunked outta school. But it just got worse I was miserable and heartbroken actually. Because I got my hopes up thinking that change was going to be good for me things would go great, but then again in the same situation my dad had past away so the shit from the last campus just kinda FOLLOWED my ASS to the next campus.

But what I’m saying, is that: whatever you do, if you feel somethings not going your way or doesn’t seem to be working. Just because you THINK the grass is greener doesn’t mean it aint some of that ASTROTURF or sum of that GRASS CARPETING ^_^. Its hard I know and I’m saying that when it gets hard, it’s better to muscle through the shit and hope that tomorrow will be less stressful. And pray that the future will not hang in the Past’s Greedy ass hands’ distance, ya know??

Well like always

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 lv


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