Friday, January 15, 2010

Why is it that....?

So tell me why is it when you wanna say what's on your heart or your
mind you can't? I find it astounding how we communicate with other
people, but the person we feel most comfortable or uncomfortable with,
we can't seem to tell them what's on our minds, am I right or am I
right? Like I find it entertaining, coz I'm one of those people too!
Haha I may come off hardcore and tough but get the right human being
around me!! Hmmph I turn into a 7th grade lil girl wear pigtails who
giggles everytime he walks past me or looks my way and smiles. What's
ironic about it, it's not just you whoever he or she maybe they feel
the same way. Both of you wishin that the other would make "that move"
but never seem to muscle up enough courage to do so. So know what I
say even though I do believe this time I need to take my own advice,
Babez say fuck it and tell him or her how you feel. It's better to be
up front and forward than to hide feelings without truly knowing how
it wouldve gone, ya know?? Hey it might scare the HELL outta you as to
what might come out, but hey got it out right? In the words of En
Vogue HOLD ON!! To your LOVE ;D besides you need a sweetie for
Valentines Day, well let's get to makin sumtin HAPPEN!!
Stay sweet!!
Hugz & Kizz
Sauni Rue <3
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