Friday, January 22, 2010

When He Talks To Me Its Worth My Listening


I don't know what's up wit me y'all. I think I may be losing what good mind I have left. Its like something I can't explain, this feelin is unidentifiable and I've never felt it before. There's just something about him, he keeps my interest, even LONG after he's left and he's just a pigment of my imagination. But even then he clouds my mind and makes me think of him. Even when he talks to me, its worth my time. Most guys I say yeah whatever and change the subject. But HIM no, I don't do that I wanna hear him talk I wanna hear what he has to say. I love the way he talks, even when he tries to slip in a few of those pick-ups with the deep voice that's dropped a few octaves. Those smark ass remarks that piss me, in the end make me smile. He's like a dream come true that just CANT be real. Finally saw the "Love" on his hand. I'd been seen the "Hate," but that "Love" is a GORGEOUS tattoo, and makes me wonder what it feels like to be touched with that kinda "Love." He's incomparable to any guy as far as I'm concerned, and I don't want nobody else to have him. He's got to be all MINE. Keeps my poem in mind:

There's just something about 
From the way that he walks
To the way he talks
Got me
It's got me
It's got me oh so mesmerized
That charismatic stance of his
Is unforgettable
Definitely unforgettable 
He got that extra smoothness
Turning me to butter everytime
Uncomparable to any other guy
The way he smiles
The way he laughs
Gets my heart all jumbled
And my stomach butterflied
He's always happy to see me
& so am I ;)
He always has me wondering--
More like fantasizing--
How he puts down the love
Just the thought of HIM
Makes me
It makes me
Oh, it makes me
Put the
'LOVE' touch
On me...
He knows how to play the game
Even if he threw in a few cheats
Dammit I wouldn't mind
Nor care
Even in uniform still looks so damn good to me
There's just
There's just somethin
Somethin about him
That's keeps me so elated
Me and him one-on-one with outta break?
He's the
Oh my god!
He's the perfect combination!! 
I'd do more than just cheer sex with him ;)
All eyes on us
With him
It's more than lust
Now if
If he'd only approach me
The way *she* wants...

Yeah I'd love it if he would do that, even again. Maybe I should. But then again I don't want to get too ahead of myself. Built something up I'm not sure if he's up to it, same goes for me. I wanna hear him say sweet nothings in my ear. Hold me tight and close. Kiss my forehead and mean it. Kiss my lips like he LOVES it. Hmmph just sumtin about him. Even if I got without seein him for a couple days, even ONE day....I wanna see his face, that smile, that laugh--that Flawless. Well...I think he's flawless in my world he's flawless. But even then, with who he is. He's a regular Joe, with a few mistakes I'm sure he's not proud of, a Baby Mama he partially loves, children that love him. But even in all of that, he's still different. I don't know what it is or what it could be, but I'd like to find out. I wanna know what makes D--why aint no one snatched him up? Why no one said he's gonna be mine? Why I haven't told him how I feel? Hmm lol if funny what love can do to you, even funnier as to what the opposite sex can do...regardless I wanna know...I wanna know why he's the only thing, only thing I can think of....


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