Friday, January 8, 2010

We havin a fuck up moment x_x

SO(!!) as you guys can see i'm tryin to correct this lol but its been A LOOONNNNGGGGG ASSSS TIMMEEE since i did CSS and HTML codex and all that junk -_- lets say so far back to the point thats when myspace was relevant and in the happenins and knows ya kno?? a while ago so i tried a few backgrounds and not too many i like. Loved the emoness-ness and all but purple, thats my mama thang and I'm a love of *BLUE* if I cant get a good lookin blue, blacks my next love. So stumbled upon this *points around* my homegirls had it and I lovedidid of course (check em out btw Mz. Dom & Basia Marie <<==they got the goods). But it just aint coming to me, its like trying to remember the quadratic equation after being outta high school for a good 7years.....aint happenin and frustration is gonna set in quick. However, I aint the type to give nope, but also, I'm a hardcore Taurus and I'm hardheaded and I'll stop at nothing to get what I want: very simple explaination.

So kidz I been working at this thing since *checks clock* damn, since about 6pm so 7 hours of hell bitching complaining, cussing and just about to throw my comp across my bedroom. Yeah is time for Saun for take a B-R-E-A-K!! haha plus i'm kinda tired and I been HOLDING *IT* since about 4 x_x smdh. So I apologize for the caps and no caps wave goin on and any bad english grammar & spelling but yall love me regardless ;D.

eh oh well i do have a post for yall haha, but i need sum time to RECOOPERATE ya digg?? But no worries i'll be back in a few!!

oh and if any of yal know how to fix this *points around* O_O.....HELP A SISTA OUT!! PLZ & TY!!

hugz & kizz!!


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