Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pornstars & Strippers

So from time to time I get a thought in  my head where I wanna be a Pornstar or a Stripper lol. But who hasn't right? I'm interested in it only coz the money is GOOD!! And plus you get what you want and give the people what THEY want if you catch my drift. But what I'm getting to you can very well be a porn star and be the best OUT THERE but doesn't mean you wanna be porn star at home. Hell if I was a Porn Star, call me Sincere Love, after work I wanna go home and be Sauni that's who I am that's who've I've become. Now MAYBE if I was with my man we mite pretend that Sincere popped up a few times but no problem ;D. But I think people don't see the full PICTURE. Porn entertains us in a way that most things really can't but regardless I think its kinda disrespectful to say OH HEY GIRL wanna do sum girl-on-girl action with me and my girl. You can't get mad if she say no. She can be straight as HELL but just coz she does girls at work whether it be a dildo or tribbing or 69 don't mean she need's gay or a lesbo whatever.

In the porn industry you have to have more going for you than just looks and the body lol. They wanna know if you can do girl on girl action if you'll do a threesome, foursome, fivesome--Orgy. If you'll mind getting Gang Banged or Dildo'd or even better anal. You def gotta be willing to do all of that, and enjoy it or pretend like you enjoy it. The MEN if they don't do gay or get that INSTANT erection THEY'RE OUT pronto like a epic failing musician lmao.

But it is an interesting job to have....hell I'd love to have that as a job.

Tagline: She'll give you the Sincerest Of Loves. She's Sincere Love
OW! lol

stay sweet, sweetness!!


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