Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok, I kno what I say and say what the FCUK I MEAN!!

Ok so sum ppl try to get me all twisted. I know I am not perfect I got
that and I'm comfortable with ya know?? But I'll be damn if you gonna
judge me like I am perfect and throw a fuckin kiddie party when I make
a lousy mistake!! Like DAMN!! I don't get it, not in the least bit.
This is what happened. I usually say Age Aint Nuttin Bit A NUMBER,
Aaliyah said it best tho; but still it's not. However it's the way
you act and your maturity level. So of course I'm not going to date or
hook up with a BOY 2, 3 or 4 years younger than me that feels that I'm just there for fun or as a new accessory. Forget that. Now would I date someone older than me, yes because (most) sometimes seems to have their head on correctly. However sometimes they'll have a fuck up moment, especially when it comes to being selfish. I understand selfishness of a single CHILD, but c'mon now, don't expect me to share all of MINE and you aint giving me nothing back. Shit aint gonna FLY.

I've been noticing lately, that it seems that I been attracting more and more and MORE youngins. Some are cool and are my homies, while others aint got nothing worth to say. Now all of this got brought up by this message I got on GSPoetry (a site I publish my poetry to check it out: and homeboy's talking this lame game. He's like oh I'm from Pittsburgh, PA too I live here right outta here and there and all this mess, so what part you from. So I told him I aint got nothing to hide or no shame to my game but at the end I was sure to ask WHY coz that made no sense to me. So what you from Pittsburgh, so is a LOT of people. Dida-duh--

I'm not sayin that I have HIGH STANDARDS but something like that is just going to piss me off what does where I live have to do with anything, whats the POINT?? Whats the PURPOSE?? ya know?? Don't catch me wrong, I'm just saying. Hell I'd take a CORNY ass pick-up line before I listen or reread that shit again.

Anyway, on to topic number 2.

So most of my friends have kids. I gots no problem with it, their project & head ache lol. But what I get pissed with is the fact my friends wanna include me into the mommy/daddy circle or the one thing I get tired of is hearing about their damn kids. Now I love kids, I think they are the cutest lil THINGS but not when its a Trending Topic. So I aint going to say any names and ahead of time I say FUCK YOUR FEELINS KISS MY ASS and have a coke ^_^. I'm invited to this kiddie party. Went to High School with the mom, but last time I saw her before now was maybe when she left school back in early 2000s. So she had already asked me about coming to her baby shower. I told her maybe I dont really like them....and I dont, I don't appreciate how the mom-to-be acts during the social, but thats my opinion. So then I get this invite for her kid's birthday party thats today. So I been thinking up a LIE to tell her coz I didn't play on going in the first place: Reason 1...after talking to her on the phone a while back, I'm sorry I cant deal with a 4hr long conversation about your kids and your babies' Daddy. I get bored real quick. Reason 2.....had to cuss her out one night talking stupid to me. Asking me for boys names and kept telling me. First of all why the fuck you askin me? Two I don't give a crap nor am I gonna ask you what to name my future children. Pissed me off so I told her I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOUR KIDS NAME NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM THATS YOU & YOURS SHIT HE COULD BE NAMELESS FOR ALL I GIVE A SHIT!!! So she was mad, clearly, but see the people I went to high school with still think I'm that quiet lil girl who says yes regardless. That bitch is locked up in a file cabinet, I'm sorry. You get Sauni Rue and I tell you how I feel, been through too much shit and I aint fin to take ANY MORE!! Anyway, so I decided today to check to see what was up with this party. So I notice that someone's going to this party I don't particularly care for. I don't like their funky ass attitude but I aint gonna kiss her ass to get along with her, I say fuck you kiss my ass and move one. So I told the party having mommy that I dont like that person. 

Now here's the problem with the party. Now you know I don't get along with Person X why invite either of us, I'm not saying someone can go and the other cant, but damn can we be INFORMED. Problem 2: I'm single, sexy, free, sweet and all of DAT! What do I look like GOING to Chuck-E-Cheeses?? I aint got no KIDS and I'm for damn sure aint PREGNANT. Why was I invited, you asked?? For a present but shit my lil bit of pay check goes toward my personal needs and wants and not to a present for somebody's KID. Not that I don't mind, coz I don't but are you gonna be this giving when I have mine?? I seriously Doubt IT.

Now am I WRONG for popping an attitude so quicky or Am I being petty?


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