Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a New Year, So...startin off wit sumtin NEW!

So like the title says, we're starting off new. It's about time. It's
pass time. And it's a comeback over due!!
So in 20-10 I feeling a little bit better, a little bit new. I got
most of my shit together lol. And I'm still super-gluin the rest ;D.
So finally finally FY-NAH-LEE(!!) ask for a blessing and I finally got
one and I feel better for it, I'm happier aannnddd me & Him got a
better understanding of each other =) I'm not a full blown religous,
but I'll shout for the time being and give thanks ya digg?!
Anyway, starting a new school; it's school #10 so let's hope this one
loves me the right way lol. But I have a good feeling about it though,
so it's a good thing, right?? Well hell I think so!!! Finally found
something that holds my attention can we say: FASHION! Yep I love it
and I plan on occupying it in the near future *cabbage patches* lol.
Now topic numba 3, I'm currently working on getting my poems published
and I think this is a right time, a good time to do so. And I planning
do it, 50 poems?? I think Saun can handle it ;D. I'm calling it
"Letters To Poetry" it's gonna be off the hook and deep like submarine
OW!! So y'all be on the look out for it, I'll give more details when I
get em all haha so buy it I'd you see it!! Plz & Ty of course ;D <3
4th thing....I'm having a twisted elegance moment. I read my horoscope
the other day (and as for you new loves, you'll learn I'm into zodiac
& cosmic ooh la la) and it said: If you have to ask if someone's THE
ONE; well then they're not THE ONE...but your heart will be able to
tell you who THE ONE IS. I'm tellin y'all that hit me DEEP. Made me
actually think, even review all of my past/previous relationships and
no matter what(!) I always asked that question!! Wild I know! But
there's this one guy, who's had my eyes since the autumn and keeps me
mesmorized, entertained and-and-and something new and never felt
before, but the more I doubt the more I wanna know...
Well that's another story for another blog ^_^ lol. For now, I hope
you enjoy the newness (used to be and
will enjoy the greatness to come!!

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 lôwv
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