Saturday, January 23, 2010


You ever had one of them bug-a-boos?? I had a few as far as relationships go. And lemme tell you I wasn't fin to have it!! *whips out weapons* >_< ...... O_O sorry bout that. Anyway so we all had that typa bug-a-boo y'all ever had this type: Still a bug-a-boo but there was only mutal or BUSINESS agreement?? Yeah I got one of those typa bug-a-boos. 

Ok so back in August I was lookin for a new school to go to. And wasn't having much luck. So I finally found one, and my hopes was lifted and all and I was happy for the most part, right? WRONG!!!! I started Kaplan Career Institute in October so happy and all I find out that my classes start at 7am IN THE MORN!!! Now hold the hell up!! I go to get that corrected for a later time, right? So they tell me that next quarter/semester I HAVE to come at 7am. Now I live ontop a mountain the bus runs—sometimes. But you ppl expect to get up at 3am to get to my 7am classes?? I'm sorry but I live in the hood, the ghetto; wth do I look like walkin in the dark in crackhead central?! So by November I stopped going to school it was an extra commodity that was giving me a hard ass time. Flexible schedule my ASS!! By the middle of November I dropped out. What's the point in paying for an education that I can go to or receive all of it. 

So what, 2 months later (now) I was lookin for a job and couldn't get a MUTHAFUCKIN THING!! Smdh but hey that's Pittsburgh for ya. I received this letter maybe beginning of December. And it was saying that I could come back they would take away the $500-something I owed to them. But I needed to stay in school no interuption and graduate in two years. But the catch was I was coming back as a new student (again) and I had to start at 7am. So everyday since the beginning of December, I get this fuckin neon colored paper saying I need to come back -_- a bug-a-boo right?? 

One day I got tired and pissed and I called Ms. Chick. So she told me all that mess bout coming back and I'm like that ain't going to work I don't have reliable transportation. And get up before the crack of dawn to come down there and waiting till dark for a bus is outrageous and something I don't need. So I asked about nite school so from 5pm to about 10pm and I'm like hell NAW!! Ms. Chick says well you have to figure something out to come back. And I'm like I'm sorry but I'm not coming back. So she said oh well your decision your choice. O_O YA DAMN SKIPPY!!! 

*lol* Had to laugh at that myself haha

Anyway so this one day they get one of them dippy broads to call my phone.  So I answer and she's like I wanna speak to uh ahehehehehe uh LeeSands Romzee. I'm like it's LeSans LA-SON. Oh I'm sorry we wanted to know if you coming back on January 25th?? >inside thought: did I not just talk to white bish?? (I had a Precious moment good movie btw) Why the FUCK is they callin me for<. So I'm like I already talk to Ms. Chick and I'd appreciate it if you stop callin me and take me name off the damn mailing list I ain't coming back dammit!! Oh oh oh I'm sorry I'm so sorry didn't mean to disturb you. So I'm sittin there one day thinking shit is cool and call good. Sumtin like Mr. Fredrickson from UP after he was flying and copped a seat—CONTENTED as a muthafucker till he heard that knock at the door like o_O WTF!? Yea....exactly how it happened, got another one of them neon colored papers talkin bout come on back! =D

So today I got one and Im like WHEN THE FUCK IS THE MUHFUCKIN 25th coz these muhfuckin cock blockin chicken heads is working my last good nerve SHIT!! So I pop the iPhone out, while checking the chocolate glistening in the sun ;D oowww heeeyy *lol*. So I check to see when the 25th is I'm like cool it's Monday. Imma be heeled tomorrow sing:

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A Day
A Way!!

Lmao ;D

I'll holla!! *deuces*


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