Friday, January 29, 2010

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Saturday, January 23, 2010


You ever had one of them bug-a-boos?? I had a few as far as relationships go. And lemme tell you I wasn't fin to have it!! *whips out weapons* >_< ...... O_O sorry bout that. Anyway so we all had that typa bug-a-boo y'all ever had this type: Still a bug-a-boo but there was only mutal or BUSINESS agreement?? Yeah I got one of those typa bug-a-boos. 

Ok so back in August I was lookin for a new school to go to. And wasn't having much luck. So I finally found one, and my hopes was lifted and all and I was happy for the most part, right? WRONG!!!! I started Kaplan Career Institute in October so happy and all I find out that my classes start at 7am IN THE MORN!!! Now hold the hell up!! I go to get that corrected for a later time, right? So they tell me that next quarter/semester I HAVE to come at 7am. Now I live ontop a mountain the bus runs—sometimes. But you ppl expect to get up at 3am to get to my 7am classes?? I'm sorry but I live in the hood, the ghetto; wth do I look like walkin in the dark in crackhead central?! So by November I stopped going to school it was an extra commodity that was giving me a hard ass time. Flexible schedule my ASS!! By the middle of November I dropped out. What's the point in paying for an education that I can go to or receive all of it. 

So what, 2 months later (now) I was lookin for a job and couldn't get a MUTHAFUCKIN THING!! Smdh but hey that's Pittsburgh for ya. I received this letter maybe beginning of December. And it was saying that I could come back they would take away the $500-something I owed to them. But I needed to stay in school no interuption and graduate in two years. But the catch was I was coming back as a new student (again) and I had to start at 7am. So everyday since the beginning of December, I get this fuckin neon colored paper saying I need to come back -_- a bug-a-boo right?? 

One day I got tired and pissed and I called Ms. Chick. So she told me all that mess bout coming back and I'm like that ain't going to work I don't have reliable transportation. And get up before the crack of dawn to come down there and waiting till dark for a bus is outrageous and something I don't need. So I asked about nite school so from 5pm to about 10pm and I'm like hell NAW!! Ms. Chick says well you have to figure something out to come back. And I'm like I'm sorry but I'm not coming back. So she said oh well your decision your choice. O_O YA DAMN SKIPPY!!! 

*lol* Had to laugh at that myself haha

Anyway so this one day they get one of them dippy broads to call my phone.  So I answer and she's like I wanna speak to uh ahehehehehe uh LeeSands Romzee. I'm like it's LeSans LA-SON. Oh I'm sorry we wanted to know if you coming back on January 25th?? >inside thought: did I not just talk to white bish?? (I had a Precious moment good movie btw) Why the FUCK is they callin me for<. So I'm like I already talk to Ms. Chick and I'd appreciate it if you stop callin me and take me name off the damn mailing list I ain't coming back dammit!! Oh oh oh I'm sorry I'm so sorry didn't mean to disturb you. So I'm sittin there one day thinking shit is cool and call good. Sumtin like Mr. Fredrickson from UP after he was flying and copped a seat—CONTENTED as a muthafucker till he heard that knock at the door like o_O WTF!? Yea....exactly how it happened, got another one of them neon colored papers talkin bout come on back! =D

So today I got one and Im like WHEN THE FUCK IS THE MUHFUCKIN 25th coz these muhfuckin cock blockin chicken heads is working my last good nerve SHIT!! So I pop the iPhone out, while checking the chocolate glistening in the sun ;D oowww heeeyy *lol*. So I check to see when the 25th is I'm like cool it's Monday. Imma be heeled tomorrow sing:

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A Day
A Way!!

Lmao ;D

I'll holla!! *deuces*

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Ever Had One Of Those Moments??


I'm a good person. And I'm a good girl. But from time-to-time I get this moment where I wanna be BAD. It's like another person just JUMPS the hell out. However it just feels so damn comfortable, so right. I enjoy sex don't get it twisted, but there comes moments where I want it ALL the time NON STOP!! Sounds crazy I know, but to me not too radical or outta the ordinary. So I had one of those moments, but today, I was ready to do whatever it TAKES to get a lil sumtin, sumtin on the side real quick. Time wasn't a factor neither was if I was gonna get caught nor did I care if anybody LOOKED ;D lol. Saw my strawberry boo boo stix today and he just LOOKED so damn good like a, like a, oooo like Italian Ice in the Summer time on one of them 90* days. I wanted to stroll my ass across the street and rip everything that was covering that CHOCOLATE BODY and have my way with him (sumtin like Usher, He'll Like It My WAY ;p). Even that wild horny part of me, whom is better known as Sincere. I wanted him to just stop and say hey, I got a little sumtin for you I don't know how you gonna take it, but either way you take it. Damn did he have me biting my bottom lip just aching if he would put that 'Love' touch on me and  hit all the right spots with his sexy persuasive ass self. Now I love me sum chocolate but the harder it is the more interested I am ;D OW!!

Lmao yall ever have one of them moments. I mean not like where you fantasize about whoever and daydream and all. I mean the type of moment where you actually wanna sex them (/fuck them [for the grown up lol]) SILLY. Right then and there and not give a rat's ass about what's going on in the surrounding vicinity YA KNOW WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT!! yawl ever had one of them moments??? I wanna make sure.

That I don't need Sex Rehab (try to make me go to Rehab and I say NO NO NO) lmao

Get At Me Sweetnesses!!

When He Talks To Me Its Worth My Listening


I don't know what's up wit me y'all. I think I may be losing what good mind I have left. Its like something I can't explain, this feelin is unidentifiable and I've never felt it before. There's just something about him, he keeps my interest, even LONG after he's left and he's just a pigment of my imagination. But even then he clouds my mind and makes me think of him. Even when he talks to me, its worth my time. Most guys I say yeah whatever and change the subject. But HIM no, I don't do that I wanna hear him talk I wanna hear what he has to say. I love the way he talks, even when he tries to slip in a few of those pick-ups with the deep voice that's dropped a few octaves. Those smark ass remarks that piss me, in the end make me smile. He's like a dream come true that just CANT be real. Finally saw the "Love" on his hand. I'd been seen the "Hate," but that "Love" is a GORGEOUS tattoo, and makes me wonder what it feels like to be touched with that kinda "Love." He's incomparable to any guy as far as I'm concerned, and I don't want nobody else to have him. He's got to be all MINE. Keeps my poem in mind:

There's just something about 
From the way that he walks
To the way he talks
Got me
It's got me
It's got me oh so mesmerized
That charismatic stance of his
Is unforgettable
Definitely unforgettable 
He got that extra smoothness
Turning me to butter everytime
Uncomparable to any other guy
The way he smiles
The way he laughs
Gets my heart all jumbled
And my stomach butterflied
He's always happy to see me
& so am I ;)
He always has me wondering--
More like fantasizing--
How he puts down the love
Just the thought of HIM
Makes me
It makes me
Oh, it makes me
Put the
'LOVE' touch
On me...
He knows how to play the game
Even if he threw in a few cheats
Dammit I wouldn't mind
Nor care
Even in uniform still looks so damn good to me
There's just
There's just somethin
Somethin about him
That's keeps me so elated
Me and him one-on-one with outta break?
He's the
Oh my god!
He's the perfect combination!! 
I'd do more than just cheer sex with him ;)
All eyes on us
With him
It's more than lust
Now if
If he'd only approach me
The way *she* wants...

Yeah I'd love it if he would do that, even again. Maybe I should. But then again I don't want to get too ahead of myself. Built something up I'm not sure if he's up to it, same goes for me. I wanna hear him say sweet nothings in my ear. Hold me tight and close. Kiss my forehead and mean it. Kiss my lips like he LOVES it. Hmmph just sumtin about him. Even if I got without seein him for a couple days, even ONE day....I wanna see his face, that smile, that laugh--that Flawless. Well...I think he's flawless in my world he's flawless. But even then, with who he is. He's a regular Joe, with a few mistakes I'm sure he's not proud of, a Baby Mama he partially loves, children that love him. But even in all of that, he's still different. I don't know what it is or what it could be, but I'd like to find out. I wanna know what makes D--why aint no one snatched him up? Why no one said he's gonna be mine? Why I haven't told him how I feel? Hmm lol if funny what love can do to you, even funnier as to what the opposite sex can do...regardless I wanna know...I wanna know why he's the only thing, only thing I can think of....

U Hurt My Feelins 1st ^_^

So I was talkin to my homegirl and we were talking about how we feel. And what I mean by that, how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about each other. I was tellin her I've come to the conclusion of saying: FUCK YOUR FEELINS. Coz I'm sure people have said it about me, even better I know a few who've said it. But the point is how do you get to that point? Good Question, right?? So that's why I decided to write this ^_^.

So a few months ago I was feeling bad, low, down, and absolutely HORRIBLE!! Even thought about doing a few horrible horrible things, like suicide, leaving without a trace, changing identity to start over. But none of those did it for me. I already knew how I felt about my family, and how they felt about me. May sound selfish but it's not, who else is going to treat Saun like me?? Moi. But then it came to my friends. Whom I love and adore and are my everything; something like my own little made up family of people who I want. But everyone seemed to be "oh so BUSY" and had no time for LeSans (me *points*). And that bothered me, I give them and GAVE them all of my time all the time, everytime. But when I wanted a little love they were always "busy." I felt like I had been pushed to the side or like one of them Forgotten Toys that you just cant let go of, but you're way too old to play with or be caught with. So then one day I started thinking. Majority of my friends have boyfriends and girlfriends. Whom sum I didn't approve of but thats none of my say-so. Most of my girlfriends B-Fs felt that I was way too NOSEY and ALL UP IN DERE GRILL. But I'm sayin, I aint ask your G-F to tell me EVERYTHING. That's her choice. But I'm getting off topic. Then there were my homeboys who's girlfriends felt that I was getting "WAY" to close to him. Made me out like I was HO or a HOOKER, PROSTITUTE. But I'm not, and don't plan to be. Trust I got caught up a couple of times as being the OTHER girl and knew my place but that aint for me. If I want a man I want him ALL to myself. I don't want NO BODY else to have HIM. So besides the he said, she said wars; there was something else. Now damn near all my friends have kids. I love kids don't get me wrong, I just don't like friends kids. Messed up coz the poor kid aint done nothing to me. But they're bad as HELL lil uncouth MONSTERS!! But those friends, all they wanna talk about is their kids. Now the first few times maybe alright and all good and entertaining. But I'll be damn if I'll sit here listening to you talk about your kid for 3-4-5 hours. THAT BORES ME. I dont have a KID or KIDS, so you can't expect me to relate to that (see post: It pisses me off in one since coz its like you're saying HAHAHAHAHA I have a Boyfriend/Babys Daddy and I have his baby/babies.

So I took a moment to realize and TAKE in all of THAT. I got tired of being a third wheel. I can understand that you're busy or got shit to do. But its like you're saying its alright that I'm busy, but you bet not be, coz you're my back up. I'm sorry but I don't like being an option, when I'm making them a priority. That aint right. And it aint fair, not in the least bit!! So what made me snap and say fuck all this? Well I'mma tell you.

It happened like a domino effect. Slowly, though. One was my one friend asking me dumb ass questions. Something I didn't give a fuck about and I cussed her out for it. I don't care if she was made or pissed with me. Why the fuck did you ask me that question in the first place. Coz I for damn sure aint gonna ask YOU for YOUR OPINION....then the next thing was...Was talking to someone DEAR to me like the love of my life, ya know. I asked them a simple question I needed their input and just wanted sum help, ya know? they gave me the NASTIEST comment I'VE EVER HEARD from them EVER GOT from them--Pissed me off. Coz I interpreted it that you're jealous. But I didn't assist you in your predictament. Hell I'm in the same boat, somewhat, hell I'm lookin for land. Then the next thing was that post that I mentioned above. I was MAD as hell. I'll give yall a summary if you haven't been up with me. Now if I dont like someone I aint fin to mess with em. Very Simple, very easy. Don't think that if we get together that we're gonna be BFFs. Thats not how it works, I may have to cut a bitch or two. Secondly I aint gonna KISS nobody's ass to get along with em, fuck I'll tell em myself How I FEEL. Then.....this situation approached itself that I'd been waiting for since this past October. So I'm like should I tell them how I feel or just tell them the truth. I picked BOTH. Told them what's what, and I felt better for it. But it wasn't feeling better that made me happy, it was the feeling that I got from them, ya know what it was? RESPECT. Respect feels good, damn good.

So then, I said. I'm missing out on shit, because of certain friends. I wanna know what they doing and I never get the right answer. So I'm like well hell, maybe I should be doing what they are. I said Mondy, Martin Luther King, Jr Day; that I was gonna do me. I'mma find me a lover: whether it be a man or a woman, don't matter. I'mma have fun and go out do what I want. And when those friends (coz a good couple 100s are bout to get DELETED from my life, I call it New Year Cleaning lol) call me or see me like HEY what happened??

Well you was so "busy" that I found something more worth while to preoccupy my time, mind, and entertain me better. Well what you mean? I mean that since you had your own thing going, I wasn't going to messed that up, but then again I really stopped caring after awhile I don't wanna hear about your relationship or kids. That bores me so I found someone more on level. Well thats fucked up why aint you say anything? Well would it have matter is the question and I don't think so. I'm sorry but since I was only a last thought I plan on making you the same way, whether you like it or not. Quite honesly I don't give a fuck about your feelings because you didn't give enough thought to care about mine or ask if it even HURT my feelings or made me some type of way.

For me I want FULL TIME friends not part time or seasonal people. Those part time and seasonal people aint for me. They cant help me or break me, just fuck up a good situation. But I'm not going to be a built in babysitter or nanny. I'm not going to sulk around with you when your boyfriend mistreats you or your girlfriend dumped you. If I accept you the way you are, what you do and how you feel then I expect to get the same treatment. But if you cannot provide for me that kinda of LOVE--yep thats what it is-- then we need not have NO TYPE of relationship.

So hears what I'm saying, If you love yourself and know it and admit. Boo you're good, you're ON POINT ^_^. Now think about the people who love you. Do they really LOVE you (whether its a friend family or lover) or are they just going thru the motions? Trust me people do do that. Just go through the motion just to keep you around as a "just in a case" "backup" type of person. But that's not who you are, right?? HELL TO THE NO. Do you what do you want in life time? And if that goal's too big, shorten it. What do you want for this year? I want me a man hell lol, finish school and even go on a vaycay at some point, keep loving me for me and never change.

So ask yourself that, What is it that I want? And you'll be well on your way in saying FUCK YOUR FEELINS..... try saying it trust me you'll enjoy it lol ^_^

you need support you know where I'll BE!!

stay sweet & remember

What is it I want?!

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 luv!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pornstars & Strippers

So from time to time I get a thought in  my head where I wanna be a Pornstar or a Stripper lol. But who hasn't right? I'm interested in it only coz the money is GOOD!! And plus you get what you want and give the people what THEY want if you catch my drift. But what I'm getting to you can very well be a porn star and be the best OUT THERE but doesn't mean you wanna be porn star at home. Hell if I was a Porn Star, call me Sincere Love, after work I wanna go home and be Sauni that's who I am that's who've I've become. Now MAYBE if I was with my man we mite pretend that Sincere popped up a few times but no problem ;D. But I think people don't see the full PICTURE. Porn entertains us in a way that most things really can't but regardless I think its kinda disrespectful to say OH HEY GIRL wanna do sum girl-on-girl action with me and my girl. You can't get mad if she say no. She can be straight as HELL but just coz she does girls at work whether it be a dildo or tribbing or 69 don't mean she need's gay or a lesbo whatever.

In the porn industry you have to have more going for you than just looks and the body lol. They wanna know if you can do girl on girl action if you'll do a threesome, foursome, fivesome--Orgy. If you'll mind getting Gang Banged or Dildo'd or even better anal. You def gotta be willing to do all of that, and enjoy it or pretend like you enjoy it. The MEN if they don't do gay or get that INSTANT erection THEY'RE OUT pronto like a epic failing musician lmao.

But it is an interesting job to have....hell I'd love to have that as a job.

Tagline: She'll give you the Sincerest Of Loves. She's Sincere Love
OW! lol

stay sweet, sweetness!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok, I kno what I say and say what the FCUK I MEAN!!

Ok so sum ppl try to get me all twisted. I know I am not perfect I got
that and I'm comfortable with ya know?? But I'll be damn if you gonna
judge me like I am perfect and throw a fuckin kiddie party when I make
a lousy mistake!! Like DAMN!! I don't get it, not in the least bit.
This is what happened. I usually say Age Aint Nuttin Bit A NUMBER,
Aaliyah said it best tho; but still it's not. However it's the way
you act and your maturity level. So of course I'm not going to date or
hook up with a BOY 2, 3 or 4 years younger than me that feels that I'm just there for fun or as a new accessory. Forget that. Now would I date someone older than me, yes because (most) sometimes seems to have their head on correctly. However sometimes they'll have a fuck up moment, especially when it comes to being selfish. I understand selfishness of a single CHILD, but c'mon now, don't expect me to share all of MINE and you aint giving me nothing back. Shit aint gonna FLY.

I've been noticing lately, that it seems that I been attracting more and more and MORE youngins. Some are cool and are my homies, while others aint got nothing worth to say. Now all of this got brought up by this message I got on GSPoetry (a site I publish my poetry to check it out: and homeboy's talking this lame game. He's like oh I'm from Pittsburgh, PA too I live here right outta here and there and all this mess, so what part you from. So I told him I aint got nothing to hide or no shame to my game but at the end I was sure to ask WHY coz that made no sense to me. So what you from Pittsburgh, so is a LOT of people. Dida-duh--

I'm not sayin that I have HIGH STANDARDS but something like that is just going to piss me off what does where I live have to do with anything, whats the POINT?? Whats the PURPOSE?? ya know?? Don't catch me wrong, I'm just saying. Hell I'd take a CORNY ass pick-up line before I listen or reread that shit again.

Anyway, on to topic number 2.

So most of my friends have kids. I gots no problem with it, their project & head ache lol. But what I get pissed with is the fact my friends wanna include me into the mommy/daddy circle or the one thing I get tired of is hearing about their damn kids. Now I love kids, I think they are the cutest lil THINGS but not when its a Trending Topic. So I aint going to say any names and ahead of time I say FUCK YOUR FEELINS KISS MY ASS and have a coke ^_^. I'm invited to this kiddie party. Went to High School with the mom, but last time I saw her before now was maybe when she left school back in early 2000s. So she had already asked me about coming to her baby shower. I told her maybe I dont really like them....and I dont, I don't appreciate how the mom-to-be acts during the social, but thats my opinion. So then I get this invite for her kid's birthday party thats today. So I been thinking up a LIE to tell her coz I didn't play on going in the first place: Reason 1...after talking to her on the phone a while back, I'm sorry I cant deal with a 4hr long conversation about your kids and your babies' Daddy. I get bored real quick. Reason 2.....had to cuss her out one night talking stupid to me. Asking me for boys names and kept telling me. First of all why the fuck you askin me? Two I don't give a crap nor am I gonna ask you what to name my future children. Pissed me off so I told her I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOUR KIDS NAME NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM THATS YOU & YOURS SHIT HE COULD BE NAMELESS FOR ALL I GIVE A SHIT!!! So she was mad, clearly, but see the people I went to high school with still think I'm that quiet lil girl who says yes regardless. That bitch is locked up in a file cabinet, I'm sorry. You get Sauni Rue and I tell you how I feel, been through too much shit and I aint fin to take ANY MORE!! Anyway, so I decided today to check to see what was up with this party. So I notice that someone's going to this party I don't particularly care for. I don't like their funky ass attitude but I aint gonna kiss her ass to get along with her, I say fuck you kiss my ass and move one. So I told the party having mommy that I dont like that person. 

Now here's the problem with the party. Now you know I don't get along with Person X why invite either of us, I'm not saying someone can go and the other cant, but damn can we be INFORMED. Problem 2: I'm single, sexy, free, sweet and all of DAT! What do I look like GOING to Chuck-E-Cheeses?? I aint got no KIDS and I'm for damn sure aint PREGNANT. Why was I invited, you asked?? For a present but shit my lil bit of pay check goes toward my personal needs and wants and not to a present for somebody's KID. Not that I don't mind, coz I don't but are you gonna be this giving when I have mine?? I seriously Doubt IT.

Now am I WRONG for popping an attitude so quicky or Am I being petty?

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Y U Gotta Look So Gud?"

Cain't get no sleep at nite
U weigh heavily on my brain
Like a twisted dreem
Member da 1st day I met u
1 day imma wake up
& have da strength
2 approach ya ass
Mmm mmm mmm
U look so gud
Y u look so gud?
So sick & tired
Keep sayin u ain't fasin me
Dem sexy lips
Boy u kno u da shit
My kat is tight
Hot & wet
I wish u'd tap dat ass just rite
Mmm mmm mmm
U look so gud
Y u look so gud?
From dat hot ass walk
Da way u check 2 C
If anybodys checkin out D
Boy plz
Uz like a ghetto soap op'ra
Fine ass had me goin to a kounseller
She said ur head is twist'd gurl
4get bout dat man he ain't shit
I'm like hole up wat u mean?
U mus wunt 'im bitch
Still cain't get no sleep at nite
Mmm mmm mmm
U look so gud
Y u look so gud?
It was like 3rd day
I seent u again
Def had 2 approach u
Cain't keep taggin my shit
4get dis pretendin
U makin it hard 4 me
I don't want nobody else 2 hav u
1 day imma wake up
& hav da strength
To control dis feelin
Bet yo sex ain't wack
& dats a fact
Y u look so gud?
Y u look so gud?
Y u look so dam gud?
Mmm mmm mmm

Sent from my iPhone

Why is it that....?

So tell me why is it when you wanna say what's on your heart or your
mind you can't? I find it astounding how we communicate with other
people, but the person we feel most comfortable or uncomfortable with,
we can't seem to tell them what's on our minds, am I right or am I
right? Like I find it entertaining, coz I'm one of those people too!
Haha I may come off hardcore and tough but get the right human being
around me!! Hmmph I turn into a 7th grade lil girl wear pigtails who
giggles everytime he walks past me or looks my way and smiles. What's
ironic about it, it's not just you whoever he or she maybe they feel
the same way. Both of you wishin that the other would make "that move"
but never seem to muscle up enough courage to do so. So know what I
say even though I do believe this time I need to take my own advice,
Babez say fuck it and tell him or her how you feel. It's better to be
up front and forward than to hide feelings without truly knowing how
it wouldve gone, ya know?? Hey it might scare the HELL outta you as to
what might come out, but hey got it out right? In the words of En
Vogue HOLD ON!! To your LOVE ;D besides you need a sweetie for
Valentines Day, well let's get to makin sumtin HAPPEN!!
Stay sweet!!
Hugz & Kizz
Sauni Rue <3
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Black People Are A Hot Mess!!

Ok, so I live in the hood. The ghetto. Nuff said. But what disturbs me the most is the fact that they act like shits spose to be fucked up. Dont get me wrong I'm half-n-half *lol* but still I don't want to act the way I live if you got that. Just coz you may live in a trailer park doesn't mean you have to be white trash or just coz you rich or make a good amount of money doesn't mean you're a snob or Hugh saddity ya know??

Like for instance the lady across the street she used to be a crackhead ya know and what's funny with her she got clean; but still does the same ol same ol. A damn shame. So she says to me yesterday: Oh hey baby, I wanted to let you that I came over to shovel and salt to help y'all out a bit. Now mind you I hadn't shoveled for about 3-4 days and the snow was STILL KNEE did I miss another memo or what?? She came across the street to look for some salt but also she stole the salt from last year and the one bag outside this year. So today she's like: Oh you know what that is a good idea!! Using the broom to get rid sum of that snow yeah but you know what know what you need?? You need one of those big stiff brooms that'll work good for you. But seriously tho, instead of tellin me that mess why not come and help me out, ya know what I'm sayin?! It makes no sense to me of whatsoever!!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for *Black Power* and the *Black Movement* to a point. Coz if the crowd is movin ass-backwards I need not participate. It's not always about someone bringing him/herself down its about you. Sometimes believe it or not you CAN be your own worse enemy and be standing in the way of the better things of LIFE. Doing that, trust me, you'll only experience the bad, the shit & the U-G-L-Y!! Change, that's the big thing you can do. If you mad at what I'm writing now that means you are afraid to admit to what I'm saying. Just examine the things you do, and ask yourself what I am doing better myself or my life? Is it even making a subtle change in my life? You do that honey, youll be well on your way to something new and GREAT ^_^.

Don't be MAD

Be GLAD you was informed NICELY!!

Stay sweet!

Friday, January 8, 2010

We havin a fuck up moment x_x

SO(!!) as you guys can see i'm tryin to correct this lol but its been A LOOONNNNGGGGG ASSSS TIMMEEE since i did CSS and HTML codex and all that junk -_- lets say so far back to the point thats when myspace was relevant and in the happenins and knows ya kno?? a while ago so i tried a few backgrounds and not too many i like. Loved the emoness-ness and all but purple, thats my mama thang and I'm a love of *BLUE* if I cant get a good lookin blue, blacks my next love. So stumbled upon this *points around* my homegirls had it and I lovedidid of course (check em out btw Mz. Dom & Basia Marie <<==they got the goods). But it just aint coming to me, its like trying to remember the quadratic equation after being outta high school for a good 7years.....aint happenin and frustration is gonna set in quick. However, I aint the type to give nope, but also, I'm a hardcore Taurus and I'm hardheaded and I'll stop at nothing to get what I want: very simple explaination.

So kidz I been working at this thing since *checks clock* damn, since about 6pm so 7 hours of hell bitching complaining, cussing and just about to throw my comp across my bedroom. Yeah is time for Saun for take a B-R-E-A-K!! haha plus i'm kinda tired and I been HOLDING *IT* since about 4 x_x smdh. So I apologize for the caps and no caps wave goin on and any bad english grammar & spelling but yall love me regardless ;D.

eh oh well i do have a post for yall haha, but i need sum time to RECOOPERATE ya digg?? But no worries i'll be back in a few!!

oh and if any of yal know how to fix this *points around* O_O.....HELP A SISTA OUT!! PLZ & TY!!

hugz & kizz!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey Yawl!!

So here's what's poppin....of you following me and liked the lil bit I
wrote on here please please PLEAZE(!) follow the new blog!! I don't
want to lose you guys or you guys lose me ya kno!?!?!?



I promise (& cross my heart) you guys DEF won't be disappointed!!!

Hugz & Kizz!! <3

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It's a New Year, So...startin off wit sumtin NEW!

So like the title says, we're starting off new. It's about time. It's
pass time. And it's a comeback over due!!
So in 20-10 I feeling a little bit better, a little bit new. I got
most of my shit together lol. And I'm still super-gluin the rest ;D.
So finally finally FY-NAH-LEE(!!) ask for a blessing and I finally got
one and I feel better for it, I'm happier aannnddd me & Him got a
better understanding of each other =) I'm not a full blown religous,
but I'll shout for the time being and give thanks ya digg?!
Anyway, starting a new school; it's school #10 so let's hope this one
loves me the right way lol. But I have a good feeling about it though,
so it's a good thing, right?? Well hell I think so!!! Finally found
something that holds my attention can we say: FASHION! Yep I love it
and I plan on occupying it in the near future *cabbage patches* lol.
Now topic numba 3, I'm currently working on getting my poems published
and I think this is a right time, a good time to do so. And I planning
do it, 50 poems?? I think Saun can handle it ;D. I'm calling it
"Letters To Poetry" it's gonna be off the hook and deep like submarine
OW!! So y'all be on the look out for it, I'll give more details when I
get em all haha so buy it I'd you see it!! Plz & Ty of course ;D <3
4th thing....I'm having a twisted elegance moment. I read my horoscope
the other day (and as for you new loves, you'll learn I'm into zodiac
& cosmic ooh la la) and it said: If you have to ask if someone's THE
ONE; well then they're not THE ONE...but your heart will be able to
tell you who THE ONE IS. I'm tellin y'all that hit me DEEP. Made me
actually think, even review all of my past/previous relationships and
no matter what(!) I always asked that question!! Wild I know! But
there's this one guy, who's had my eyes since the autumn and keeps me
mesmorized, entertained and-and-and something new and never felt
before, but the more I doubt the more I wanna know...
Well that's another story for another blog ^_^ lol. For now, I hope
you enjoy the newness (used to be and
will enjoy the greatness to come!!

3 kizz, 2 hugz, 1 lôwv
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