Monday, August 24, 2009

“LéSans’ Silioquy”

Feeling the darkness around me
Watch as it embodies me
In one sense its where I love to be
To hear the whispers of the nite
As the creatures & itty bitty monsters deliver fright
Hmm what a delight
To see the fog roam the ground in search of life
But I’m wondering & pondering
How’d I get here?
How’d this feeling get there??
Making me unaware
“Twas a midsummer night’s dream”
I heard the gallows whisper & say to me
What flesh is heir to is what Hamlet questioned
What life is geared to is what Sauni Rue is asking
Decision, Decision…
Living in this hell driven dream
As I hear in a distance that life isnt always what it seems
I thought it was things?
Well then…
Tell me then, what tis the things that mean to me?
Full of hate & discontent
Whispers screaming out loud
Unforgettable that IS what you are
Its ever so confusing &disturbing
To see Baby Boo cry this way
But you tell me how many people you’ve seen cry blood stricken tears
Not as much as I had hoped
Watched the grey clouds rolling like an in-coming wave
Don’t tell me to behave
When you are the one getting your way.
Black cherry hair slain by the Burgundy Blush
Just to feel THAT touch, again—
Chrome Pointer