Tuesday, March 17, 2009

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day”


Here’s to

Another Green year that’s full of

Parties, green beer and shamrock shakes

Particularly to the Irish and Scottish people without

You we’d have no gingers *lol* just kidding

Seriously tho, I should know

t.his the time of year where my hair turns FIRE RED, but I aint get that from my mama

Pops actually gave it to me *cheese*

And-OH PLEASE, come ON it was joke why’re you

Taking things soooo seriously you’re being

Ri-dic-dic-diculous, 'diculous, *Hiccup*culous—oh

In-excuse me, had a lil too much

Coz that’s how we do, it’s St. Patty’s day for GOD’s SAKE! O_O

Kurrently—opps O_O--*C*urrently I plan on using the day for my own personal use

‘Spose I shall go to the store, hmmph *shrugs* but in my

Dire opinion I think we need as ppl to CELEBRATE this holiday

A lil bit more, but it wont be soon before long before

You see Peter Cotton tail Hoppin' down that damn trail, *scoffs* holidays are so overratedly commercialed


Ooohh excuse me ^_^



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