Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phone Call

It’s been a long day
Work was a hassle
Like always
But I’m happy to get home
Kick off my heels
Change outta these dress clothes
Get into something more comfortable
I go to the fridge to see what’s there to eat
Tonite…I don’t feel like cooking
Maybe I’ll order out
Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do
So I hit the freezer up
Grab my favorite ice cream
Häagen-Dazs’ Coffee
Grab a spoon from the drawer and head to the sofa
As I get comfortable and turn on the TV
I notice the blinking red light
I stop for a minute and look
Hmm, it’s the answering machine
Wonder who called me?
So put down my accessories of ice cream and remote
I walk over to the table stand
I see I have 15 messages
Who coulda been hittin me up?
I wonder…
Then I start smiling
It’s gotta be my baby
Wanting to kno how I’m doin
How was my day
What I was doin
Whats on my mind
Well if that’s the case I can think of a few things
I would love to have the company tonite
Besides I need a lil fun myself
I start to reminisce of the last time I saw my baby
We foreplayed
He worked over time in me
At the end had me beggin him not to leave
Yall just don’t know
I snapped back to reality
When I realized I was feelin myself up
Thinkin bout him
Damn, he got me clumsy
I’m so Anxious
I wanna call him back
And see if he wanna Come Over
Coz he’d got me jonezin and I kno he gotta feel the same way
All I gotta do is lay a few lines on him
To get him all hot and heavy
Yep, that’s what I’mma do
I’mma call him back
I’m so excited and smiling
I press the play button
With aspiration of wanting to see my baby
He got me—uh!—drip-drip-drip-DRIP!
As I wait to hear my baby’s smooth voice
Sending shivers and chills up and down my spine
As he fills my answering machine with sexiness
I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!
Damn I wanna see him!
But then my smile fades away
And I stare off into the distance
Wondering what the hell?
My buzz is gone
I actually got a frown on my face
In one since I’m pissed
But I can’t be mad…
I was really anticipating seeing my baby tonite
Well I guess that’s gotta wait
I continued listening to the messages
Then I realize all 15 messages
Were all from my mother
I guess I better give her a Phone Call…


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