Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just can’t seem to get his attention
No matter how hard I try
I just can’t get thru
Whether I wear make-up or not
Or wear my hair up top in a bun
Or down in something cute
Nothing seems to do
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted
From the way he smiles
To the way he laughs
Makes me wish I was the one tellin him that joke
From the way he walks
To the baggy slim way he wears his jeans
OH how I wish we coulda spoke
I love how he fixes his clothes when there’s nothing wrong with them
To the way he repositions his jewelry
Everything about him got in me in complete disarray
I wish I could talk to him, just like I want to
But he’s not like other guys, he’s quite different
But it seems like every time I try, I chicken out and stray away
He’s so unique in his own way
I can tell he’s one in a million
Nothing more, nothing less; he’s perfect
I can always talk to other guys
But what is it about him that’s got me daze, confused and mesmerized?
It’s apparent it’s not him; it’s me who’s the conflict
I don’t know to do
I don’t know what to say
But, yes, he’s got me restless
But wasn’t it me
Who said to speak what’s on your mind, let that person know what you’re feelin?
And I thought I was the Sexy Taurus Temptress
I guess I jumped in a game without knowin the stakes
Bit off more than I could chew; Bet on more than I could bargain for
I guess I’m not all what I crack up to be
Then I think, even if I did…would he give me the time of his Yesterday?
No matter what I’m still gonna be loving him more and more
But, I wish, and I hope; that maybe
Just maybe, one day he’ll see, and notice me
But even for something as wonderful as that to happen…
I gotta get his attention.


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