Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Acrylic Nailz

It’s a Friday afternoon
And I don’t have much to do
I’ve called my mom and talked to all of my friends
My mom was busy and the girls wanted to be with their boyfriends
There’s nothing on the tube
Damn I ain’t got nothing to do!
I sit on the sofa, wonderin what to do
I turn the tv on just for the company
And whatever’s on, isn’t interesting
I get distracted and start checkin out my nails
Tinted in a dark blue
While the pink-cappuccino color is pealing
Looks like color glass that was shattered
With a hammer
Damn my nails look bad
I sit for minute
Then get the best idea
Forget this
I’m going out
I turn off the tv and grab my purse
Grab my keys and start on my field trip
As I arrive at the spot where I wanna be
I get out the car and head for the door
The people inside spot and look at me
Some smile, while others greet me
I sign my name on list
And take a seat while I browse thru a magazine
It’s only a few minutes before my name’s called
And I take a sit down in large comfortable desk chair
The guy takes my hands and carefully massages them
He takes out his tool
And starts working his job
With precision and ease
He gracefully places each one where they should be
Still using his tool, he knows exactly what he’s doing
I swear its my favorite part
As I get up to take a quick break
I make sure that I wash my hands carefully
I wouldn’t want him getting mad with me
As I make my way back to my comfy chair
He does the finishes touches
And ask, “What color would you like?”
I look over to the wall full of colors
Hmmm, what color do I want?
Then I get the perfect idea
I told him
That I wanted purple tips
And black with white flowers
Knowing him
He’s gonna make it look beautiful
He always does a good job
He says to me, “I know how to make this look beautiful”
He puts diamond studs on all my flowers
Uh! It looks more than Gorgeous
It’s stunning!
As I look at the beautiful he’s done
I can help but smile
I take out the 30 that’s owed to him
And I make sure to make another appointment in two weeks
As I walk out the door
He shouts for me to have a nice day
As I step out into the sun
I look at my nails as they glitter and sparkle
Oooo I love it when I get pampered
Especially when it comes to my nails
Hmmm… I’m feeling so good
I might go and finish getting pampered
I’m goin to get my hair done

To be continued…


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